The Tarot Journals

The Tarot Journals

Whether you wish to write a meaningful message in your journal or convey the messages presented in Tarot, you already have all the tools you need in this very moment. Just trust in the information as it’s given…

I began reading Tarot cards over 30 years ago. I hadn’t had any ‘training’ as such but when the cards were laid out in front of me, I could see the story as clearly as a picture book. For many years I just ‘read’ the pictures and told the story without thinking too much about how it was possible.

At around the age of 16, I began ‘hearing’ additional information sometimes even before I’d looked at the whole spread and, somehow, I understood more layers. By the time I was 18 I was ‘freaking myself out’ let alone others. I had completed a few readings for acquaintances one after the other and they were particularly detailed. The timelines presented were paths these people had not shared with me or anyone else. The looks on their faces when I conveyed what the cards were showing me must have triggered something from a past life because I can tell you, I suddenly felt the fear.

“How do you know that? No-one knows that?” They would say, looking at me as though I had just conjured up the devil between us.

“I’m just reading the pictures – it’s literally there in the cards – you can see it.” Rather than feeling emboldened, I felt myself shrinking back, shrinking down, worried about what people would think. I couldn’t tell them I also heard and felt information pouring into me too. I couldn’t explain to anyone how I knew these things, other than point at the pictures.

I stopped reading people’s cards for a few years and only started again about 20 odd years ago. Why? Well, a number of reasons, but mainly because I didn’t really understand how it was I could read the cards and because I couldn’t ‘back-up’ or adequately show anyone how I did it, I suddenly felt out of my depths because I didn’t really have what I would call a ‘structure’ to hang these experiences on. As I say, at that stage no-one had taught me anything.

And so began a phase of wanting to ‘understand’ how to read the cards ‘properly’. I began to ‘analyse’ and ‘study’ other readers, paid for numerous courses, and sat in circle, tutored under mentors, learning the ways they read the cards, I devoured books, I did it all until one day I heard – ‘OK. Enough is enough!’

I can laugh now, from my wise crone’s perspective. As soon as the brain, the mind, the analysis steps in – you are working in the Ego. You are working in fear – not in the light. That’s not to say you should just blindly accept all that is. It’s good to be educated or educate yourself, it’s good to be curious and discerning. But when it comes to connecting with intuition, Source or energy, you need to trust your own feelings and your own connections. You don’t need to analyse it to death because in the process you could lose the very thing that is unique to you.

The Magus card shows us we already have all the tools we need at our disposal.

For me, ducking out from the bright light and flow of the Universe because I was too afraid or too ashamed to accept its abundance, pointed me toward new paths and new directions. I began shadow work in earnest, and I delved into past lives where I had been drowned, tortured and burnt as a witch – I also had to watch my sisters and daughters suffer in those same lives. I revisited those lives and many others in the Akashic Records and received such profound healing and found new perspectives on so much more than ‘how can it be that I can read the cards?’

I realised that while my 3D/egoic ‘learnings’ were validated by certificates on some level, that wasn’t where the true wisdom came from. You can’t certificate ‘flow from the universe’ – nor can you fake the information that flows from Source for the person sitting in front of you. The all-knowing information just cascades too quickly… oh and it’s loving beyond anything you’ve ever known. Similarly, taking a certificated course doesn’t suddenly make you intuitive or psychic (which is why I always say use your own judgement when it comes to working with a practitioner) though it might give you structure.

Through this arduous process of ensuring I was ‘the real deal’, I realised I had been naturally authentic and connected all along – I just hadn’t understood ‘Source’. Nor had I understood the role of the Akashic Records played in the information I received. I hadn’t trusted in my own power or inner light.

I learned that what speaks volumes is integrity, intention and authenticity.  You don’t have to understand where ‘intuition’ and wisdom comes from if it’s helpful to others and is given in love and without judgement.

Nowadays I just trust. Now, older, wiser, I have come back to my own original joy of reading the cards. I read the stories, I read the pictures and I listen to what is being shared with me. I don’t think about anything other than what I hear and see. I know I had to go down that path of doubt and fear – I had to sweep my path clear with my old broom, just to come back to where I am now all-the-more enriched by the detour of experience.

If you’ve read this far (well done and thank you for sticking with me) you may be wondering how this all ties in with writing and journaling.

So many people tell me they can’t write so there’s no way they can heal themselves through writing – or there’s no way they could write that book about their experiences … but I would say they just haven’t learned to trust themselves or the story they have to tell. They are so hung up on ‘doing it right’ or ‘getting it right’, or thinking they need to be ‘qualified’ in some way before they can write. They are stuck in that holding pattern of fear.

The best stories are about real people and real-life emotions and experiences.

Your wisdom and your messages for humanity are not going to help anyone the whole time you are worried about ‘getting it perfect, or ‘doing it right.’

You don’t need a million certificates to be an intuitive Tarot card reader and you don’t need a creative degree to write. All you need to do is grab a journal, pick up a pen or pencil, settle your mind and body, inhale and exhale deeply – until you feel centred and calm – then begin. Write whatever is in your mind, from shopping lists to song lyrics until your mind is empty on the page. Day by day, more meaningful words will appear on the page. Those meaningful words will turn into meaningful sentences until one day, as you meander through your words you will discover the meaningful message. The picture will emerge and suddenly you will know exactly what it all means. The only thing you need to be is true to yourself and trust in the information you receive.

To conclude I would say, embrace the energy of the Queen of Wands.  She has passion and vitality. She has creative visions and she has a real sense of her life’s purpose, even in the face of adversity and challenge. She is self-aware, knowing full well her strengths and weaknesses and she knows how to achieve her goals. She believes in her power and her unique light.

I urge you to grab your journal – you can write!

Write from Source is all about ‘connecting to Source’ and writing the words at the very same moment the information flows through you. That information could be coming from your memories, the source of your first pain or wound as a child, the source could be a deeper trauma. Source can also mean connecting on a deeply spiritual level and allowing yourself to be the conduit or instrument through which the words and messages flow. Whichever way you approach Write from Source you are opening yourself up to a deeply healing, creative and transformational experience.

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