Awaken to your Soul Purpose

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Discover your purpose when you identify the themes in your life story

Did you know the themes in your life are clues, helping you awaken to your soul’s mission – through your earthly purpose?

Through this workshop you will discover the themes in your ‘life story’ and I will show you how your themes hold the blueprint and the key to remembering what you came here to do. This is an opportunity for tangible transformation in your life.

You will discover how writing can be used as the ‘tool’ for that transformation,

You will also discover how your ‘point of view’ on those themes can influence whether you ‘manifest the magic’ once you’ve awakened to your own Themes.Indeed, this may be where you first discover your own blocks or energetic challenges. There is time and a safe space in this workshop to explore these.

Our own Point of View is often under-rated, but just as our Point of View is important when we write a Memoir, the lens through which we view the themes in our live’s will dictate whether we are defined and confined by our themes – or whether our point of view, allows us to see the alchemy of all that’s possible.

Through ‘Awaken to your Soul Purpose, you will connect with your authentic self and overcome your fear of self-expression.

Whether you consider yourself to be a writer or not, this workshop will help you understand that writing is simply a tool of spiritual alchemy.

Identifying your themes will help you understand your areas of potential Mastery as well as the message you came here to share with humanity.

Awaken to your own magic and the transformative power of the themes in your story. 

Download and keep your WorkbookAwaken to your Soul Purpose - THEMES WORKSHOP WORKBOOK