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If you are an energy practitioner or you’ve experienced energy healing yourself, you will have heard of the Chakra system. An attuned practitioner can help move the energy through sluggish energy centres, but did you know YOU can also identify your own energy blocks and start the clearing process – with writing?

Write from Source has developed a unique practice called ‘The Chakra Journals’ which will help you bring awareness to what your body is telling you – and provides you with the tools to delve deeper into your energy body. If you incorporate The Chakra Journals into your daily practice you will AWAKEN to the language of ‘energy’ and you will see your story emerge from the page.

The beauty of The Chakra Journals is you can see and feel the shifts for yourself either within your body or on the pages of your journal as you release blocks you didn’t even know you had. This in turn will allow you to access the rich reservoir of creativity just waiting to be tapped into.

I thought I had done a lot of work healing and balancing my Chakras, but as a Reiki Master who uses writing as a meditation, I thought I’d give this course a try. I was surprised how effective the exercises were in helping me see, not only where I was still blocked – but also what I could do to clear those blocks. I would recommend this course for anyone doing energy work – even if you’re delving into your chakras for the first time.” FS – Writer. Reiki Master

The Chakra Journals Notes & Workbook

The Chakra Journals Meditation
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