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Welcome to Write from Source. I'm Evie your publishing and writing coach.

The Butterfly Bureau is/was the specialist division of McRae Communications Consultancy (McCC) created for those with a story inside and a message to share. However,  over time I realised  individuals were approaching me to help them write their story and the needs of this audience were very different from my corporate clients. Storytelling does indeed have a place in the corporate world but I felt pulled to differentiate between individuals with their own inspiring story and a message to share, as opposed to a corporate client with a corporate message to share.

I recently made the decision to separate The Butterfly Bureau  from McCC  in order to re-package its existing services as ‘the next stage’ on from the ‘Write from Source – Heal with Writing’ workshops and courses. I don’t want to say ‘Advanced’ because in healing circles it’s not about being ‘better’  (that just instills that ‘fear’ of writing that Write from Source works so hard to dispel). It’s just about supporting those who have come through (or are working through) the healing process and now feel ready to share their story – whether that’s with their family, or to a wider audience through traditional publishing.

You can still find The Butterfly Bureau alongside McRae Comms, but over time as I migrate  the relevant resources and content across to Write from Source, I will be  drawing a line in the sand under The Butterfly Bureau, and making that delineation between corporate messaging – and people like you with a message to share. 

I want to write a book about my life

I want to create a straightforward autobiographical record of my life to share with family, friends and future generations.

I want to write my Memoir

I want to write a professionally polished message-driven Memoir, crafted to publishing industry standards.

I need help getting published

I can help you understand the world of Agents, Traditional Publishing and Self Publishing.

I need help with marketing

I need an Author Platform and help with marketing, PR and promotions.