Searching Spirit

searching spiritMuch gratitude to Peter Williams who provided this review after the publication of his Memoir. I had the pleasure of writing Searching Spirit, published back in July 2019.  Since then it has enjoyed huge success and it’s still receiving 5-star reviews 4 years later.

Many people worry that ghostwriters will completely change what they want to write, without realising that ghostwriters are professionals who will help identify the real ‘story’, and will improve the writing itself, either from a technical, structural or messaging perspective. A professional ghostwriter can also save you a LOT of time if you find life does not allow you the space required to sit down and hone your craft.   

Williams wanted to write about his journey to becoming a Medium – so that’s exactly what we did.  However, in addition to simply listing the events in his life that led him to become a Medium, I was able to guide him through the importance of themes, messaging and takeaways – to take his work to the next level for his audience. From here I floated the idea of ‘lessons learned’ at the end of each chapter to imbue his experiences with further ‘meaning’ – again – for his audience. The beauty is, that it was still his story (these events happened in his life), but with the expertise of a ghostwriter, Searching Spirit became a book with ‘meaning’ and wider appeal to his target audience. 

Because he trusted his ghostwriter, Peter Williams produced a book that was a popular read, and he was able to utilise these teachings in his own business for his growing audience (in the shape of POW and latterly INNA POWA). It just shows you how a professionally written book can be leveraged to help grow your brand or your business, long after your readers have turned the last page.

Here Peter explains how he was able to hand over the whole process from the writing through to the print and marketing – without losing his original vision or voice.

How my Memoir came to life ....

Peter Williams shares his experience

“The journey of writing your own book and getting it out there into the big wide world is certainly a task and a half. Personally, I completely underestimated the process and with time already being in short supply between balancing family and being on tour I eventually decided that I needed extra help. I did not know where to turn until the Chairman of the Gold Coast Writer’s Association recommended Evie. The first thing that really stood out about Evie was her professionalism and complete transparency across pricing and the time commitment required for such a task. Not once did she hesitate to answer one of my million questions and on top of that she was a guide through the entire process from writing the manuscript through the submission process and through to the final print.

Through the journey, Evie reviewed the words I had already written and set about creating a plan. She walked me through what type of book this could and should be. Once a direction was decided on, she began mapping and scaffolding the structure and setting up a solid timeline. From here on in she would interview me to fill in the gaps or to discuss whole new areas I had not considered. These interviews were recorded and Evie was able to take my answers and turn them into my words – my voice – on the page. She was also able to weave in edited elements of the draft I had previously written and this was basically how the writing process developed.

Every month I was supplied with a comprehensive report of what work had been completed, what was underway and what was still pending. I personally found these reports useful as they helped guide me as to what still needed to be done from my side and how the project was tracking overall. It helps to ensure you don’t get bogged down and can see a level of progress which again further motivates you to push on.

There is a saying, “Writing the book is the easy part”. Well, truer words have never been said and this is something I can not stress enough for a potential author wanting to be published. Once the first draft of the manuscript has been written, then comes the endless revisions, edits and checks. From a novice’s perspective, I confess sometimes this stage seemed tedious and time-consuming – so it can be frustrating if you think you are finished after the first draft.

After completing the edits you then have the submission process (which includes further checks and regulations to ensure no-one can be sued ) and then once you have a physical book in your hands, you move on to the marketing stage. Thankfully Evie explained each step of the process as she worked through them, and she explained the nuances of the publishing world (including Rights, Royalties, Permissions and the Legalities) as they arose.

Throughout this entire process, Evie was always a guide and was always mindful and respectful of my vision and wishes. Not once was I ever told it had to be this way or that way. The evidence speaks for itself with so many wonderful reviews I have received and with my readers saying that they can hear my voice when reading my book.

Throughout the whole writing process, Evie not only captured my voice, but she helped me tell my story in a way I would have never known was possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I know who I will be contacting when it’s time for book number two.”

Peter Williams:
International Psychic Medium

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