Taking your next steps into writing

Write from Source was created primarily as a  therapeutic practice for anyone who wished to explore writing as a tool for healing. While this is my main focus I do also offer coaching for those who wish to take their writing journey a little further.
Among these pages, and here in my studio in Hobart, I feel the safe space created through a ‘personal’ relationship is crucial when it comes to supporting new writers as they take their first tentative steps as authors embracing their new stories.

There is safety, anonymity and distance in corporate and ghostwriting, but when it comes to writing and publishing that first blog, that first magazine article, or even that first book, there is no such distance from the words and it’s completely normal to ‘feel the fear’. After all, this is your name out there, your story – you are sharing a part of yourself – and it can feel daunting to ‘expose’ yourself through your writing – especially if you have been living a life where you’ve kept your experiences to yourself. Yet, you know on some level, your voice and your story are important and your message has the potential to help so many. This is where I can help.

Write from Source is your personal support through that journey. You will be taken care of by a professional writer, author, publishing expert, and, if you need it, a therapist and trauma-informed practitioner to hold space for you in those moments where you doubt yourself.

Here you will find professional services including ghostwriting, coaching & mentoring packages, worksheets, workshops, technical writing support, editing & proofreading services, manuscript submission advice, marketing, PR, design/formatting advice as well as the tools to build your author profile, brand and platform should you need them.

Traditionally, professional agency-style services have been out of reach to the masses, but Write from Source is committed to guiding you through the maze of best-practice publishing, editorial, and global marketing & PR.   I’m committed to people like you who have a story to tell but need help with how to make that happen.


Imagine sharing your inspirational message

This was Peter Williams with his first copy of Searching Spirit in his hands. His book is still inspiring his audiences 4 years after it was published. Do you have a message to share?