cartA huge thank you to all you beautiful people who sent me kind words, messages and testimonials. It really helps others to see what you enjoyed or benefited from after making that decision to spend money with Write from Source. Going as far back as I can remember, I wanted to help people heal with words, books and writing, so your comments give me invaluable feedback and keep me on track – and help me help you overcome and become. Much Love. Evie 

“Evie has mentored me and provided author services for the last few years. She has guided me through the process of finding a publisher for my book from writing my cover letter through to acceptance of a contract and then finally through the publishing process to a final book out in print. She responded almost instantaneously to all of my messages and supported me and gave me the confidence and backup to manage the process. She has also given me valuable insight and advice for the marketing and PR to get my book out. Evie built my website and gave me an author platform to work from. She also guided me through social media. Her knowledge and credentials in publishing were a huge benefit to me. Thank you for everything Evie.”
Sarah Zeigel
Sarah Ziegel, - Richmond, London
Award-winning Author
"As a child, I was always a writer. I would spend hours lost in the composition of elaborate stories set in other worlds. Unfortunately, life and pressure to conform got in the way. Participating in Evie's 'Awaken To Your Soul Mission' workshop, ignited my passion for using writing as a form of self-expression. What I didn't realise, is that I would connect so deeply with using writing as a healing modality. Evie created a safe, encouraging and supportive space that allowed me to work through the themes in my stories in order to connect with my soul purpose. Personally, Evie has given me back my voice. "
Amity Booth - Tasmania, Australia
Awaken to your Soul Mission Writing Workshop, 2023
"During your "Awaken to your Soul Purpose' workshop when you were explaining the timeline, I had a "download" and the events of themes mapped themselves out for me. Suddenly everything fell into place. That did two things: I understood my "story" in a truly profound way. It led me forward. That understanding cemented where I am today and gave me the confidence to put pen to paper. I have worked in publishing for years, but I have always been telling other people's stories. I knew I had a story in me - but I never had the drive or impetus to tell my story until now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Nate Micó - Sydney, Australia
Awaken to your Soul Mission' Writing Workshop 2023
Thank you for such a fabulous workshop, what a journey you took us on. Lots of information to consider about ‘our story’ with many experiences of our lives along the way. Thank for your time and support. 🥰 x
Amanda E Burgess
Awaken to your Soul Mission Writing Workshop 2023
To Evie who, in the early days when I was in a state of confusion about the whole process, listened, and was caring and supportive during my phone calls. Her kind counsel kept me moving forward when I was ready to give in.
disabled to able
Jan Kuperman - Queensland, Australia
Author of 'Disabled to Able' 2020
Throughout the whole writing process, Evie not only captured my voice, but she helped me tell my story in a way I would have never known was possible. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I know who I will be contacting when it’s time for book number two." Read Peter's full testimonial under Testimonials/ Searching Spirit
I can't recommend Evie highly enough for her amazing Magical Memoir workshop. I was lucky enough to attend Evie's workshop and all I can say is WOW! I received so much information, clarity and direction in this class! Even if you never put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, Evie takes you on a healing journey ...
Bernie Popic
Bernadette Popic, Central Coast, Australia
The Magic of Memoir Workshop, 2020
A truly magical day for me. So blessed to have attended both your workshops Evie. (Akashic and Magical Memoir). So much great information to absorb and process. Lovely energy from you and the other participants. Just what I needed at the perfect time.
conscious reiki
Faye Saxby, Maitland NSW
The Magic of Memoir Workshop, 2020
Evie, your courses are very intensive, and very thought inspiring. It has made me become aware that you don’t have to be an author, to write. And that we all have many many stories, and the idea of unstoried stories… well That just blew my mind! So thank you again!
Fiona Butler
Fiona Butler, Queensland, Australia
What's your story? Workshop 2023
I have known Evie for over 30 years now, first as a colleague and then as a trusted friend. Evie was my deputy editor and we worked together closely on the launch of ‘Natural Health & Well-being’ magazine. Her input was invaluable due to her knowledge of and a strong belief in natural health remedies and therapies. She never missed a deadline, was (and still is) a prolific and accomplished writer and editor.
magazine covers
Jill Keene
Former Editor of Natural Health & Wellbeing