Live life with a flourish


What does it mean to flourish? A Greek concept, Eudaimonia, is the ability to live a life of prosperity, to flourish, and to discover the state or condition of ‘good spirit’ – or personal happiness – regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

There are many activities and behaviours that can help us achieve ‘eudaimonia’. Taking responsibility for our own sense of well-being is empowering and enriching, whether you are volunteering your time, giving money to someone in need, or expressing gratitude, but one I’d like you to focus on today is ‘write out your future goals in life’.

The research around setting and writing about your future goals is well documented. Let’s just say, for the sake of brevity, it has been proven to give us a sense of meaning in our lives – which in turn promotes a ‘good spirit’.  

Once you have written about these goals, take one of them, and break down into steps how you might achieve these goals. Write this down. By what date do you think you can realistically achieve each of these steps?  Write down this date next to each step. Now you have a plan! You have taken your first steps toward the art of flourishing.

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