Pick up a pen and write


Here we are – the end of March and I’m back with your monthly ‘Accountability’ check and a reminder that time passes regardless of whether you work towards your dreams, ambitions, purpose, and goals or not.

Sometimes when we take on a project it can seem hugely daunting. For instance, you might be thinking about a change in career and need to study. Perhaps completing that two-year course seems such a long way away. But the time passes anyway – so why not kick your fears to the kerb and jump in? Imagine getting two years down the track and you are still in the same job – you’ll be kicking yourself.

It’s the same with writing a book. There’s no getting around the fact it’s a process. Indeed, anyone who has written a book will tell you, the first draft is only a teeny, tiny part of that process. For many people, that’s enough to put them off. For others who enjoy the connection, the therapeutic and healing benefits, or the creativity, they know each stage offers something illuminating. It really depends on your motivation, doesn’t it? If you want to write a book to make millions – well – there are easier ways. If you want to write to help others (or heal yourself), that motivation may be just the drive you need to keep going.

I speak to many people who want to be writers, but they hold deeply ingrained ‘fears’ that hold them back. On exploration, we generally find these fears can be traced back to an experience – usually at school or an unsupportive dynamic with a parent. If you want to write – pick up a pen and grab a notebook – and write. As soon as you act like a writer and write – you are a writer. It is that easy. Conversely (some tough love coming up) if you never pick up a pen –(or attempt to create words on the page) you will never be a writer. You can apply this thought process to any goal you are aspiring to achieve.

So on that note – I’ve been working on another exciting project for a client, and we’ve moved forward with a draft Synopsis for their book. That’s a win for March in my book (see what I did there?) because you can’t write a Synopsis unless you really understand the beginning, middle and end of the book. It’s often at this stage you realise you’re not sure what your book is about. If you complete a Synopsis it will help you see in a couple of pages if there are holes in your narrative arc.

What are your wins for March? What are your plans for April? Wherever you are on your journey … just remember as soon as you start doing ‘the thing’ – you are living the life you dreamt for yourself. As soon as you begin studying – you are aligning yourself with all those people and possibilities that weren’t previously open to you. As soon as you write in your journal – you are healing – you are creating – you are a writer.

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